Just about a week away from the Mini O’s!  Pre-registration is open through 11/18 at MX Entry.  For additional information visit http://unlimitedsportsmx.com/winter-olympics/

This year marks the 40th Annual Thor Winter National Olympics, presented by Pro Circuit, at Gatorback Cycle Park. The best amateur motocross racers in the world gather during the week of Thanksgiving for three days of supercross racing, followed by three days of motocross to battle it out to be the Olympiad Champion. Special awards like the Pro Circuit Platinum Pipe, Scott Golden Goggle, Dunlop Silver Tire, Fox Bronze Boot, and the CTI Iron Man award are won by racers that have the best finishes in both motocross and supercross for the entire event.

Nov 14-18 Early Parking
-If you plan to park with someone else, you must arrive with them and enter the gate with them at the same time.
-Early arrival parking (arriving before Saturday morning at 6 a.m.) $50/vehicle

Nov 19 Parking at 6am
-Gate fees up until Tuesday morning $50/per person
-After Monday the price goes down $5/day for gate fee

Nov 20 Registration
-Pre Entry $80/Amateur / $90 for Pro per class
-Post Entry $100/Amateur / $110/Pro per class
-Unlimited Sports Membership $25 (purchased at the track on Sunday)
-AMA membership required $39 (you can purchase at track or at www.ama-cycle.org)
-Transponder rental $40 ($100 deposit, which is refunded when transponder is returned after

Nov 21-23 Supercross
Monday: Practice Starts – 8 a.m.-Supercross Qualifying begins – 1 p.m.
Tuesday: Finish Supercross Qualifying-Begin Supercross Mains
Wednesday: Remaining SX Finals-

Nov 23-26 Motocross
Wednesday: MX Practice begins in the afternoon
Thursday: Finish MX Practice-Begin MX Racing-End the day at 4p.m. to begin the Thor
Thanksgiving Feast
Friday: MX Racing
Saturday: Finish MX Racing-Awards Ceremony

Rain Check Policy:
If you are injured prior to the event, we will issue a rain check for next years event.  If you are injured after practice starts, there are no rain checks for that event.  If you are injured in supercross, you will only get a rain check for motocross.

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