Vital MX took the time to test MXD Labs Moto App and Click Mount for everyone, and I have to say I am a little jealous of the iPhone right now.  Check it out:  Vital MX – MXD Labas Moto App and Click Mount

Article Snippet:


Are you a racer or just a rider? Do you train to ride or just ride to train? I’ll admit that, as of late, the majority of my time on a bike has been without a starting gate, but every once in a while I’ll be inspired to prove my worth against other non-pro 30-somethings (yeah, I know…a real challenge). When the mental commitment finally settles in that there will be hard evidence of my mediocrity measured against other riders with unfulfilled dreams of the big time, I tend to kick things up a notch. No, I’m not saying that I add cayenne pepper my gas tank (although I might be onto something there), I’m talking about focusing my efforts both mentally and physically on the task at hand. In other words: real training. In motocross, training isn’t just about putting up 260lbs. on the bench press and hammering out laps. Hard preparation is good, but smart preparation is better. The MXD Labs Moto App and Click Mount are all about the latter.

The Moto App was designed to help you keep a personal record of all of the laps, lap times, motos, etc. that come out of riding on a regular basis. Okay, so you have a sweet app for keeping track of all of your MX data, but where the heck do you put your oh-so-precious iPhone? In your pocket…umm, wait a minute, most MX pants don’t have those. I’ve got it…how about in your boots? Hmm…probably not a great idea either. Fortunately for you and your iPhone, MXD Labs was fully aware of the importance of not only gathering moto data, but also protecting the one item that people have an increasingly Gollum-esque attachment and what truly is a lifeline. The solution is the Click Mount.





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