Dirty Deeds MX Track Review

Dirty Deeds MX is located just to the Northwest of Meridian, MS.  The track was built in what looks to be have been a dirt pit at one time.  The track address is:  

9501D Highway 495, Meridian, MS 39305-9541

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About the track

As I said before the track looks like it was built in what was once a dirt pit.  Overall the track is decent size but can be viewed well because the parking area is 10-15 above the track.  They offer two configurations, one features the entire track and is used in daytime.  The other is about 2/3's of the overall size and is used at night.  One of the best features about Dirty Deeds is the start.  Out of the gates you go into a long banked (sort of Talladega) straight and into a downhill 180 first turn.  This is pretty cool and offers all the fans a great view of the start.  The remainder of the track is a series of rhythm sections, only one tabletop, lots of tight turns, and several large sweeping turns.  The other great feature of dirty deeds is the dirt.  It is the best of any track we have races.  Just the perfect amount of clay and sand makes an awesome racing surface.  The track is typically prepped perfectly on race day.  These guys know how to prep a track.

Track Photos

Final Words

Dirty Deeds seems to be a track for all ages.  There are some great small rhythm sections for the 50's and 65's build confidence and start doubling.  There are also lots of technical triple, double sections for the big bikes.  All in all its not the most difficult track we have visited, but its definitely one of the best tracks we have visited.  I have some video of Kiefer riding his 50 on it and some more pictures that I will get posted soon.  These really is a great track and it needs the support of the local riders to survive so if you get a chance to visit there please do.

Website:  http://www.dirtydeedsmx.net/

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