Another great Racer X Podcast this week.  Matthes and Weigandt have motocross legend Jeff Stanton on the show for about an hour.  They touch on a little bit of everything from Steward, Barcia-Dungey, Reed and everything in between.

With the specter of another off-weekend staring us right in the face, Jason Weigandt and myself got together with one of the sports greats to get his take on the nationals thus far. Jeff Stanton delivers his thoughts on the series, Barcia, Stewart, Reed, why he never won the 500 nationals, and his return to representing the flag at the Vet MXoN.

Click HERE to listen to the show or go HERE to get to iTunes to listen. If you have a smartphone and want to listen to it on go HERE.

via The Racer X Podcast – Racer X Online.

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