Guys Mike Burgess at Team Sakai Racing is doing all he can to help the Edler Family and Stone fight cancer.  Please check out the benefit auction Mike has going for Stone.  If you can help please do.

As many of you know by now Stone Edler has been hit with the challenge of his lifetime. Cancer has reared it’s ugly head once again. Stone was diagnosed with Lymphoma after a practice digger @MTF while prepping for Loretta’s. Stone’s positive attitude and energy will help him in this battle but as we all know, Cancer brings on challenge of it’s own kind. Team Sakai Racing has put it’s members to work to help Stone and his family with the huge out of pocket cost that comes with this horrible disease.We are currently working with riders and major companies within and outside of the industry to come up with a benefit auction for the family. We’ve had huge success to this point and we will not give up until we see Stone beat this and return to the sport he so dearly LOVES!These are riders already committed to helping our project for Stone.

Wilson,Tomac,Larsen,Millsaps,Langston Witt Racing,the Hahn brothers,TC41 Ronnie Mac,Grant,Mull, Moore, Harrison,Stone,Rookstool,Lipanovich,Izzi,Sleeter,J P$, Fiolek,Bowers,Gibson,Mims Young N Reckless, Maci Bookout & Benny (Teen Mom series) AX series,J27MX,Novik Gloves, Mikey Tutel form OCC Deadliest Catch Capt’s, Sig Hansen and Keith Colburn. Riders and companies are contacting us hourly and this list has just started and will continue to grow. Anyone wanting to step up and donate a item or items for the auction contact me We have also had a bank account set up for donations and I will post that info here shortly after I verify all the information.

Here’s a link to a FB page we have started for the Auction. We ask that you all stop by, Like it and check in on Stones progress and to see what we have added on daily.

God Bless you Stone Edler, Our Team motto has always been “Helping the young guns achieve their goals”. That has now become ” Helping Stone Edler beat Cancer”

God Bless and Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for Stone and the family. Now, Get ya pocket books ready as this auction will hold some serious Christmas gifts for some young races with heros.

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