Stewart Out of AMA Nationals   Aug 25 2010 5:36PM Comment   Email Print  MURRIETA, CA August 25, 2010 – After more than a week of training and testing since the Motocross Outdoor National race at Unadilla, a difficult decision was reached today by James Stewart and Team to withdraw from the remainder of the Outdoor National race series.  Due to his abbreviated Supercross season, Stewart, with the full support of his Team, had hoped to return to the track much earlier in the Outdoor National Series.  But a slow healing injury kept Stewart out of the series until recently, when he received medical clearance just a few short weeks before Unadilla.  With only four races remaining in the Outdoor Series, both Stewart and his Team worked hard to train and test.  And despite a very sincere attempt to return to racing, the rush to do so was visible.  Though Stewart had a good run in Moto 1 at Unadilla, lack of physical preparation and challenges with the bike set up forced him off the track in Moto 2.  Though they’ve had some time to make adjustments, James and the Team have decided they just aren’t ready to compete in the Series. 

via Racer X Online – Stewart Out of AMA Nationals.

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