I was recently introduced to the Motoseat by some friends of ours at a Loretta Qualifier.  The seats looked amazing, so I couldn’t wait to get home and Goggle the Motoseat and get one ordered.  I quickly found the website Motoseat.com, guess that should have been a no brainer!  They had it all, every major brand, but no Cobra.  So I contacted Travis DuTemple to be sure he indeed didn’t make Cobra covers.  Travis replied quickly that a Cobra seat was no problem.  Just tell him what colors and style I wanted, and he would get it coming my way.  Within a week of contacting him I had two new Cobra seat covers in my office.

The Install

I must say the quality of these covers is exceptional.  The fit was perfect.  I had never put on a cover before and it was really easy.  Staple at the front and back to get it centered, then hit the sides, and I had two seat covers on in less than hour.



As I said before they offer seats for almost every make and model.  If you don’t see it on the site, just shot Travis and email (
Contact Travis).  The seats range from $40-65, the best price I have ever seen for a quality custom seat cover like this.  Racer X recently featured the Motoseat in a Racer X Tested Video:


More Motoseat Covers


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