The first year of the Mississippi Championship Series is complete and the final series results have all been tallied.  Riders who are eligible for awards are invited to Golden Pine Raceway for a free ride day on Saturday, December 31st.

Final Series Results

Here is the lowdown:

The awards ceremony will be at Golden Pine Raceway on Saturday, Dec. 31st:

1. We will have practice all 3 days of that weekend
2. Riders who are receiving awards will get to practice free on Saturday
3. We will serve food and drinks mid afternoon
4. We will hand out awards around 4PM as practice is winding down

One of the awards we are handing out is a customized, functioning pit board with the riders name and number, series information, and the finish position for the class in which each rider finished highest. Here is the proof. I think they turned out great and I’m excited that it will be something that hopefully everyone can use at the races.

I really want to thank everyone that participated in the series. I think it went of great for its first year and we hope to expand it for next year. A special thanks to Hattiesburg Cycles for stepping up to support the series.

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