Today we will meet Tucker Maxwell who is headed to Loretta’s for the 3rd time.  Tuckers first trip to Loretta’s was on a 50cc bike, last year he rode Supermini’s, and this year he will be racing in Schoolboy 1.

Personal Info

Tucker hails from Cordova, TN and is 15 (AMA 14) years old.  He is a honor student in the 9th grade.

Road to Loretta’s

“His path to Loretta’s this year took us to the NC Youth Regional at Spring Creek Ranch, Millville, Mn.  It was really cool racing one of the Pro National tracks, the staff and track prep equipment was first class.  We got a ton of rain the day before the event and the track ended up being great all weekend.  His first moto, we got a bad muddy gate pick, Tucker started nearly last and fought all the back to 8th.  This moto saved his weekend.  The second moto, he got a better start and then just settled into 5th and stayed there the whole moto.  His third moto was awesome, I think it was the best moto in a big race, he has ever had.  He got the hole shot and checked out, he finished 1st, with a 10 second lead.  With a (8,5,1) he finished 3rd Overall.” Ken Maxwell

Racing Background

Tucker made his first trip to Loretta’s in the 4-6 50cc class in 2004.  He continued to race until he was 9 years old when he decided to quit and they family sold everything.  For about three years Tucker played baseball and basketball, but in 2010 he decided he wanted to race again.  After a lot of hard work Tucker made Loretta’s again last year in both Supermini 1 and 2.  He is currently training at the Georgia Practice Facility in Cairo, GA with several other area riders.

Tucker would like to thank all those who have supported him and sponsored him this year.

Thanks to:  Joe’s Cycle Shop, GPF,  Answer, Factory Connection, Speed Graffix, Tucker Rocky, Lakehill Trackside Racing, JMS Performance, Pro Taper, Cycle Gear, and Pirelli


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