Man what a great weekend at Indian Hills MX!  I can’t say enough about the awesome job that the promoters and track workers did there.  That track is absolutely awesome, and has something for everyone.  It didn’t matter if you were riding a 50 or 450 you had a blast out there.

The Mid-South was very well represented and took home a lot of hardware.  RPM hasn’t posted all the results but as soon as they do we will get them up here as well.  Casey Cochran didn’t lose a moto, he didn’t even lose to period.  If he was on the track he was in front, regardless of what other classes were on the track with him.  Way to go Casey.  Casey won the 4-6 Limited, 4-6 Mod, and 50 Open Classes.

Mathew Weakley had a great debut on his Lakehill Yamaha 250 in the Schoolboy 2 class.  Mathew ran up front all weekend and finished 4th in Schoolboy 1 and 3rd in Schoolboy 2. Coming off a broken arm Kiefer Martin went 5-6-4 for for fourth overall in the 65 7-9 class.  JJ Long made his national debut and grabbed 2nd and 3rd place finishes in Supermini 1 & 2.  Steven Murphy looked really good with finishes of 10th-250C, 4th-250C Limited, and 5th-450C.

David Retherford scored a 8th in Schoolboy 2 and 19th in 250C.  Chandler “the ironman” Johnston finished 5th in the Four Stroke Open and 13th in 450C.  Jack Retherford had a nasty get off on Saturday, but he battled through the pain finishing 13th – Schoolboy 1 and 8th – Supermini 1.

In the mini’s Landon Hulbert finished 4th in the 65cc 10-11 Class and 5th in the 65cc 7-11 Mod Class.  Marshall Blythe finished 6th in the 65cc 7-9 class and 6th in a stacked 85cc 9-11 class.  Nicholas Capps finished 3rd in the 65cc 7-9 and 6th in the 65 7-11 Mod Class.  Nicholas gets the MXDS Award for most improved rider of 2013.  Man has he picked it up this year.  Way to go Nicholas.  Hagen Julian gets the “Hard Luck” award for the weekend.  He had a nasty crash going for the holeshot in the 85 Mod class, then blew his supermini motor up.  Tough weekend for sure for Hagen with finishes of 8th-85Mod, 8th-Jr. Mini, and 5th in Supermini 1.

Also hats off to all the parents.  Its pretty awesome to see how competing parents can come together and help each other out.  Saw it over and over again this weekend.


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