Wow what a weekend at Golden Pines….I can say this as a mx dad and spectator.  There was some awesome racing down there.  Johnny Moore, Lance Vincent, Heath Harrison, Sam Landry you guys did some great racing in the pro class.  Unfortunately I didn’t get to get any video, but luckily DJ Murden with was there and he has posted a great video.  I know Paige Miller was there as well and expect to see something up from her online pretty soon to.

This was our first trip to GPMX and it was something to see.  The track is big with a lot of elevation changes (as much as Millcreek or more).  The dirt was a nice mix of sand and red clay.  The track was prepped on Saturday morning for the first practice to perfection.  Randy then just added water the rest of the weekend and the track literally came to life and after 72 motos of racing it was insane to look at.  This had to be the gnarliest track I have seen but just so awesome at the same time.  It was amazing to see even the 50cc 7-8 kids just scooting through the roller sections and seeing the mammoth air that the pros were getting.  If you have never been to Golden Pines Raceway you definitely need to make it there next year.

Golden Pines: Mississippi State Championship from Dj murden on Vimeo.

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