The AX Tour gets ready to head to Canton for Round 2 of the 2011-12 AX Tour.  Canton Tour Info Page

Updated Race Rules

Arenacross Tour Rules

Chapter 3 Race Rules

1. No one except riders officially entered may ride or practice on any portion of the course the day of the meet.

2. If a rider’s physical stature is such that he/she cannot reach the ground with both feet, blocks may be used but must be removed immediately after the start.

3. A rider must be ready when called to the starting area. If not ready, he is allowed two minutes after the starters call to make minor repairs.

4. A rider whose machine is disabled before reaching the finish line may, under his own physical power, push or carry his machine (in the direction of the track) across the finish line to receive the checkered flag. Provided he completes at least 50 percent of the number of laps as the winner, a rider who finishes in this manner will be considered as having completed the event.

5 A rider leaving the course must re-enter at the same point or at the first point where he can safely do so without interfering with other riders and without gaining an advantage. Failure to do so will result in the rider being penalized a minimum of one finishing position for that event.

6. A competitor who rides in a way that endangers officials, other riders or the public will be subject to immediate disqualification from the meet by the referee.

7. When entering or leaving the pits, a rider must use designated entrance and exit lanes. Failure to do so may result in disqualification.

8. The race is completed when the leader takes the checkered flag.  Finishing position is determined by the number of laps completed and a rider need not take the checkered flag to finish.

9. Engines must remain off until the starter indicates it is time to start them.

10. Riders cannot groom the area in front of the starting gate.  Take note I saw a lot of this going on last week

11.Any scoring issues must be brought to the event secretary attention within 15 minutes of result posting. All results are final after 15 minutes waiting period from final result posting.

12. If a class has more than 12 riders it will go to Heats, LCQ and Main event format.  This is a major change from last year and in my opinion a much needed one.  Everyone is still guaranteed two rides but to make the main you must either qualify through a heat or LCQ.  I would still like to see the qualifying process broken down, how many make the main from each heat and the LCQ.

13. Once staging begins it is the riders responsibility to be in the staging area, or rider will forfeit their gate pick.  I would suggest that if you have two races back to back that you have someone standing in staging for you to take your position in line.  We had race 18 and 20 Saturday and I had our second bike in staging with someone standing in line.  This helps keep everything moving.

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