Here it is folks!! One of the biggest races of the summer and at the cheapest price!! The ampMX 2nd Annual Summer Shootout is just a few weeks away and we will once again have the option for you to pre-enter online via our website. Our pre-registration is a little different than most, where we do not charge you at that time. All you are doing is giving us your info and picking the classes you want to race. Once again, NO MONEY is collected at that time. We do this to make our lives a little easier on race day, by keeping us from having to enter every rider into trackside that morning and taking longer to have everything set to go. When you pre-enter, we are able to already have you entered in and your paperwork printed out. All you have to do is come to the window, tell us your name, sign your forms and pay your entry fees. NO waiting for a pen and filling out forms for you….making your sign up experience a little easier and quicker!!

SO what's the deal here??? Well……if you pre-enter our Summer Shootout, you will get a $10 discount on your entry fees!!!! This will make all Amateur classes only $20 and Pro classes $30. If you do not pre-enter, the prices will be the normal rate of $30 and $40. So we are willing to give back to you if you are willing to commit to our race and pre-enter online!!! It is a WIN WIN for you, so why not?? We just had one of the biggest rider turnouts of late, with over 200 entries at RD8 of the SCCS a couple of weeks ago @ ampMX, but that is nowhere near what we should be getting for our races here in the Southeast… it is in your court folks!! Lets make this one of the most competitive races of the year and fill the gate with riders!! Just follow this link to go ahead and get pre-entered now.

Those riders who won or finished 2nd at our SCCS race a couple of weeks ago won discount coupons for a Summer Shootout entry fee. So make sure you bring those with you next month so you get your discount!!

We have some track changes in mind for this race and are nailing down sponsors as we speak, so stay tuned for more info in the coming days/weeks!!

via Alabama Racing Forum – $10 off / ampMX 2011 Summer Shootout 7/16-17.

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