About MX Down South

What is MX Down South all about?  What else but motocross racing in the Mid-South…..

I started this site a couple of years ago when my son started racing.  I became frustrated with trying to find a one site that had enough information to help me get start racing.  So I scour the internet and forums weekly looking for news and information on tracks, races, and local riders.  When I am done MXDOWNSOUTH is what you get.  I have tried to put together a track database and do my best not to miss an event in the Mid-South but sometimes I do.

If you are a track owner or promoter please contact me to get your information posted at MXDOWNSOUTH.com.  There is no charge!!!!!  So send us the info  << EMAIL ME >>

Website Design Services

If you are a track owner or rider in need of website I can help there as well.  Check out some of the pages we have created here at MXDS:

Martin Motocross | Vet MX Park | Lawman MX | Team Sakai Racing | Midsouth MX Championship

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